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Gold Oval cut Inlaid Ring with Dazzling White Diamonds

Gold Oval cut Inlaid Ring with Dazzling White Diamonds

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This 18k yellow gold oval bowl ring is a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry that is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The ring features an oval-shaped bowl made of solid 18k yellow gold, left unpolished.

Inside the bowl, there are 20 dazzling diamonds that have been inlaid with great care and precision. The diamonds are set somewhat symmetrical and artistic inside of the bowl, creating a stunning and eye-catching effect that sparkles and shines in the light.

The band of the ring is also made of 18k yellow gold, and is comfortable and easy to wear. The gold is smooth and polished, with no rough edges or discomfort that can come with poorly made rings.

Overall, this 18k yellow gold oval bowl ring inlaid with 20 diamonds is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry that is perfect for any occasion. Whether worn as a statement piece or as an elegant accessory, it is sure to capture attention and admiration wherever it is worn.

18k Gold ring weight 4.6 grams.
The diamonds weigh 0.15 carats.

This ring is part of the Plume Collection created by Nadine Mouzannar Kai (@rmouzannar).
PLUME is a gold collection of Etruscan inspiration with minimalist and artisanal dimensions. It is however marked with the seal of modernity through the use of laser that works wonders both in execution and lightness of weight. PLUME creations are wise and out of line all at once.

"A jewel is cherished; I believe it should never be boring."
- Nadine Mouzannar, Jewelry Designer and Maker.

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