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Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline white gold ring, 18k Solid Gold Gemstones Ring

Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline white gold ring, 18k Solid Gold Gemstones Ring

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Blue Topaz weight 2ct Rectangular Shape
Light Blue Aquamarine weight 1ct, Oval Shape
Brown Tourmaline weight 0.5ct Round Shape
Ring weight 3.84 grams

This beautiful white 18k gold promise ring features three beautiful gemstones that are sure to capture the eye and heart of anyone who beholds it. The rectangular shaped blue topaz, oval shaped light blue Aquamarine, and round shaped brown tourmaline are masterfully arranged in a way that perfectly complements each other. Plus, the loose gemstone nature of the stones means that it can be customized to fit your individual style.

The blue topaz, weighing in at 2 carats, is a dazzling gem that sparkles with a cool and refreshing hue. Its rectangular shape adds a modern touch to the overall design of the ring.

The light blue Aquamarine, weighing in at 1 carat, is a softer and more delicate gem that exudes a gentle and calming energy. Its oval shape adds a touch of elegance to the ring.

Finally, the brown tourmaline, weighing in at 0.5 carats, adds a warm and earthy touch to the ring. Its round shape provides a beautiful contrast to the other two gemstones, creating a dynamic and visually pleasing composition.

The ring itself weighs 3.84 grams, which is a comfortable weight for everyday wear. The 18k gold used in the construction of the ring adds a sense of luxury and durability, ensuring that this ring will be a cherished piece for years to come.

Overall, this white 18k gold promise ring with three beautiful gemstones is a stunning piece of jewelry that will make a perfect addition to any collection. Its unique design and high-quality materials make it a timeless piece that is sure to be treasured for generations.
Topaz November birthstone
Aquamarine March Birthstone
Tourmaline October Birthstone

Add this 3 birthstones gemstones white gold promise ring to your collection today!

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