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Hosting Fine Jewelry Trunk Show : A Guide for Friends and Family Gatherings

Launching a new jewelry shop and website involves ensuring that your glamour pieces are visible to your new to be customers. When your audience is unaware of your website, the challenge becomes spreading the word and establishing trust in the authenticity of your offerings.

Reflecting on our recent experience, we organized our inaugural trunk show for friends and family last week. The event demanded significant effort and preparation, and our decision to maintain an intimate setting resulted in inviting 12 individuals, with 6 in attendance and 4 making purchases. From our perspective we considered the event, especially that it is our first, as a success, it validated the appeal and credibility of our jewelry.

For those considering hosting an exclusive gathering for friends and family, showcasing high-end fine jewelry promises to be a delightful project. This quick guide offers insights into making your event truly special by providing essential tips and knowledge.

1. Curate your Collection:

Begin by curating a collection of jewelry pieces, by considering the preferences of your guests and mix classic and contemporary styles. Include pieces that showcase various gemstones, white and yellow gold for a diverse and visually beautiful display. We did not want to put everything on display and overwhelm our guests.

2. Choose the Venue:

Selecting the right venue sets the tone for your event. Opt for a location that complements the style of the jewelry. I didn’t know there are websites that specializes in renting spaces for a day or even few hours for events small and large such as the website giggster.com.

3. Send Invitations with Style:

Create a sense of anticipation with elegant invitations. Include details about the event, describe the mood and type of event, and a subtle note about the jewelry showcase. Use digital invitations for a cool and modern touch. We used paperlesspost.com for the digital invites.

4. Collaborate with Jewelry Experts:

You could definitely collaborate with other jewelry makers, we chose not to, but this could be a good idea for a future trunk show as this will allow more options and styles for our guests/customers to choose from.

5. Security Measures:

Given the high value of the jewelry, it makes sense to have a venue that is secure, maybe visitors and guests will need to buzz before you let them in.

6. Create a Nice Atmosphere:

You want to make sure the space has an intimate ambiance. Use soft lighting, floral arrangements, and low background music to create an environment that allows guests to appreciate the jewelry in a relaxed setting.

7. Capture the Moment:

Ideally, it will be great to hire a professional photographer to capture the moment and take some photos but with todays iPhone technology and super high end cameras it is easier to take and capture the event by yourself or with help of friends.

8. Provide Refreshments and high-end treats:

Complement the jewelry showcase with a selection of fine wines, champagne, and gourmet hors d'oeuvres. Pay attention to the presentation, ensuring it aligns with the overall feeling of the event.

You want to create a beautiful space and nice atmosphere but you don’t want to take it over the top so that your guests will feel at ease and comfortable looking at the jewelry and taking their time and making a purchase. After all, the guests are your friends and family it should be somewhat relaxed setting. Ideally, with a nice venue, refreshment and gourmet treats you'll create an amazing unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Happy guest attending the r mouzannar trunk show with her purchase

Remember, the key is to blend jewelry shopping with warmth, creating an atmosphere that allows the beauty of the jewelry to shine and at the same be able to mingle with your guests.

9. Ask for Feedback:

Wait few days after the trunk show event, don't forget to send a Thank you Note again the people who bought and to the people who came. I would also send an email in general to everyone even the people who were not able to come, send them a quick recap of the event with some pictures and wish hopefully they could make it for the next trunk show.

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